About Us

Babes Out On BikeS – BOOBS, is a group of ladies that share the love of motorcycle riding and came together in 2012 to ride for sisterhood. Money raised from events, sale of merchandise and donations are given directly to Breast Cancer Patients in NE Indiana & NW Ohio.

Bryan Ohio

Our Story

When a founder’s niece was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after we came together, BOOBS found our purpose.  Many millions of dollars are raised each year for breast cancer research however no one is helping the people battling breast cancer each day.  The unexpected costs of a breast cancer diagnosis add to the strain of battling this deadly disease. BOOBS made the decision to raise money for breast cancer patients.  We want to make a difference in breast cancer patient’s lives by giving them some financial and emotional support.  We started selling t-shirts out of our motorcycle saddlebags and grew into selling them at events and online. The funds we raise from these events, sales of our products and donations are given directly to Breast Cancer patients to use as they need. The recipients use the funds for medical bills, utilities, fuel costs for treatment or groceries to name a few.

Our recipients come from all walks of life and various age groups. They find us through social media and from other friends and/or family that have heard of us. We meet people as a group and individuals. From our beginnings in 2012 through October 2020, we have donated money to more than 100 women battling breast cancer.

Meet the Ladies of BOOBS

Laurie B.


Original Member 2012


Suzette B.

Original Member 2012

Lisa Ellis

Lisa E.

Member since 2012

Kimberlee R.

Member since 2015


Cathy G.

Original Member 2012


Cassie K.

Original Member 2012


Connie K.

Member since 2014


Regina H.

Member since 2015

Rachell B.

Member since 2020


Patty H.

Original Member 2012


Sherri G.

Original Member 2012


Myra W.

Member since 2014

Cheryl J.

Member since 2019

Next Steps...

How do I become a member of BOOBS?

Please fill out the form attached and send it by email to Email: [email protected]